VAT services

Tax filings & returns

TaxExperts is your trusted Agent in Greece for Tax Filings and VAT Returns. Our knowledge of the regulatory environment and our expertise in tax filings can make you feel confident that you have chosen the most appropriate Tax Partner in Greece.

Our services include:

  • VAT Registration for EU and non-EU companies
  • Filing of VAT Returns
  • Filing for VAT Refund
  • Intrastat Filings
  • VAT de-registration
  • Tax Representation for Property Acquisition
  • General consultancy

A Tax Representative for VAT purposes has several liabilities in Greece.

  • File 4 quarterly VAT returns
  • File an annual VAT Reconciliation Form
  • Maintain Class B’ Books where all transactions will be recorded
  • File the Annual Creditors and Debtors Compliance Form (1)
  • Be well prepared and organized in case Tax Authorities want to audit the Books and the filings.

Greece has implemented the article 34 of the European Directive 112/2006 regarding the Distance Sellers, which means that when a European company is selling goods and services to individuals and non-taxable legal persons above € 35.000 and € 10.000 respectively, it should appoint a tax representative for VAT purposes.


Type of companies which usually register for VAT in Greece are:

  • Distance sellers
  • Fashion shops, electronic eshops
  • Construction companies
  • Shipping companies


Be aware that a Tax Representative has extended legal liabilities in Greece which means that knowing our clients is a priority for us.


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