Individuals tax

Tax advisory services for individuals

Specifically, as for Residents Abroad, wich is a separate catefory of our jurisdiction,the following apply.

With the publication of current tax laws and circulars, the Greek state has instituted a more rigorous legal framework that governs the habitual residence (> 183 days) and the tax residence as the place of taxation of residents’ worldwide income.

Specifically, new restrictions came up on the change process from the country- house to the other country, outside Greece, as all individuals who reside and are taxed into a foreign country, are now documented as such on an annual basis by providing the necessary documents that define those new rules.

Furthermore, the burden of a residence’s abroad proof for tax is borned by the individual and it is combined with the awareness of tax authorities around those specific tax issues. All these create the need of a qualified tax consultant’s employment in order to represent individuals’ interests before Greek State.

Another section that is quite thesame interesting concerns the foreigners who live and work in Greece.

Therefore, TaxExperts is offering integrated Tax Solutions to those people above, in order to make their live in Greece easier and more comprehensive. By leveraging our expertise in Greek taxation, we are capable to cover everyone’s needs in the region, such as:

  • Personal Tax planning
  • Submission of Annual Tax Returns
  • Property TaxReturns
  • Insurance Plans

Our areas of expertise include: tax residence, domiciliation, property tax, income tax, tax deductions, insurance benefit plans and best practices.

Tax Returns, is another category of our jurisdiction:

Our company undertakes Tax Returns filing every year for Individuals in all categories. The fully qualified tax advisors we will guide individuals in the best possible way on all tax matters.

For any tax and legal issues, there is a common analysis of the current situation, based on current legislation and alternatives. Once we notify the customer the advantages and disadvantages of each plan, we come together in an optimal solution.
Experienced consultants remain in close contact and communication with each client about all future affairs.
Other indicative Topics of our jurisdiction are:

  • Taxation of Savings
  • Living evidence
  • Property tax
  • Special Contribution
  • Income from liberal professions
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax
  • Gifts, Inheritances, Parental Benefits
  • Autonomous Taxation

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