Tax Consulting


Most agents in Greece, are aware of certain markets (regions), but their knowledge is limited to the property transfer and are not capable of providing a piece of advice, concerning the advantages and drawbacks which accompany a property purchase.

From the other hand, we do understand that potential investors are interested to know what a property acquisition would mean in terms of added value creation, tax burdens and maintenance costs. GoldGreece is powered by TaxExperts, a boutique Financial and Tax consulting firm, so a team of experts have the required knowledge and experience to facilitate your dream in all stages.

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TaxExperts provides Tax planning and management for firms in Greece.

When inappropriately managed, Tax can be one of the most stressful and potentially hazardous aspects of working abroad. Depending on your business case, widely divergent laws may apply and varying advantages may be enjoyed, but detailed local knowledge and stringent attention to detail is required.

With our help, every entrepreneur can easily avoid the common pitfalls of Greek tax Law.

Our Services focus on the following aspects:

  • Be proactive, NOT inactive
  • Providing information for Greek Tax Singularities
  • Create a Knowledge Base Centre for every local and foreign management team
  • Follow the regulatory changes which could affect your business
  • Establishing good communication with the Greek Tax Authorities

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Specifically, as for Residents Abroad, wich is a separate catefory of our jurisdiction,the following apply.

With the publication of current tax laws and circulars, the Greek state has instituted a more rigorous legal framework that governs the habitual residence (> 183 days) and the tax residence as the place of taxation of residents’ worldwide income.

Specifically, new restrictions came up on the change process from the country- house to the other country, outside Greece, as all individuals who reside and are taxed into a foreign country, are now documented as such on an annual basis by providing the necessary documents that define those new rules.

Furthermore, the burden of a residence’s abroad proof for tax is borned by the individual and it is combined with the awareness of tax authorities around those specific tax issues. All these create the need of a qualified tax consultant’s employment in order to represent individuals’ interests before Greek State.

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