Due diligence

Invest with confidence

Due Diligence as a general term provides the following significant question to all the entrepreneurs and stakeholders:

Are all the offers to purchase an asset reliable that will get the right result?

That question we have to answer through our service that includes reviewing all financial records plus anything else deemed material.

In fact, it is expected that regional investments will provide very high returns to any individual or corporation that is willing to benefit from the weak Greek economy and the depreciation of all kinds of assets.

TaxExperts Due Diligence Services demonstrates that an investment plan has been properly set up and the decisions will be made on an economic and financial basis.


Our generally accepted principles and practices meet the following guiding objectives:

  • To develop and maintain relationships with the Regional Authorities and Businesses, in order to ensure a sustainable and positive investment environment.
  • To comply with all applicable regulatory and disclosure requirements in the Region;
  • To propose and proceed in investments on the basis of economic and financial risk and return-related considerations
  • To have in place a transparent and sound governance structure that provides for adequate operational controls, risk management and accountability.



Our services include Financial Audit, Business Valuation, Tax Investigation and Legal Preparation for any property acquisition in Greece.