Expatriates immovable property

Our company informs expats in relation to immovable assets, within three domains:
1. The first area consists of property tax issues, such as assistance in meeting tax arrears and the avoidance of new pending immerge.

2. The second, concerns the potential given by real estate market in Greece.  Specialized services are offered to expatriates, who are interested to invest heavily in Greece by purchasing or selling properties.

3. The third domain refers to the obligations for the drawn up National Cadastre, as all the expats have to declare their real property.

In this context, TaxExperts warns the expatriates who own immovable assets in Greece, for the immediate need to register at the National Cadastre SA, in order to avoid their properties to be recorded as unknown identity and come, after a few years, to the state’s ownership. For this reason, Cadastre’s President appealed to expatriates to settle their obligations.


The registration process is relatively simple:
1. In the first stage, the National Cadastre announces areas for cadastral survey, urging citizens to submit a declaration of their property.

2. In the second stage, the National Cadastre elaborates on declarations and acknowledges the property rights, proceeds to the suspension of areas recalling citizens to check out the information of their assets and correct any mistakes.

Those, who have not submitted a declaration in the first stage, their property may be characterized as unknown owner and be in danger of loss.

By this time, about 22 million property rights are embedded in Cadastral process, a percentage rising to 60% and represent 1/3 of Greek land.

Today, 33 big cities and prefecture capitals are currently in the recording procedure, and 26 capitals and urban centers in the confirmation process. It is estimated that 16 million property rights remain to be recorded between 2014 and 2017.

Online, at www.ktimatologio.gr, which is also translated in English, there is a special page for Greek expatriates, informing and guiding them step by step, for all the cadastral programs.


Expatriates can submit their declaration as follows:

1. By proxy

2. By authorizing a third party

3. Online. They can have immediate communication and response to their questions within 15 days, via e-mail.


For more information do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

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