Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax Advisory Services

TaxExperts provides Tax planning and management for firms in Greece.When inappropriately managed, Tax can be one of the most stressful and potentially hazardous aspects of working abroad. Depending on your business case, widely divergent laws may apply and varying advantages may be enjoyed, but detailed local knowledge and stringent attention to detail is required.

With our help, every entrepreneur can easily avoid the common pitfalls of Greek tax Law.

Our Services focus on the following aspects:

  • Be proactive, NOT inactive
  • Providing information for Greek Tax Singularities
  • Create a Knowledge Base Centre for every local and foreign management team
  • Follow the regulatory changes which could affect your business
  • Establishing good communication with the Greek Tax Authorities

Our areas of expertise include – but not limited: double taxation agreements, transfer pricing, capital gains, tariffs, royalties, income tax, acquisition tax, company formation, dividend tax, interest tax, accounting standards, policies and common practices.

Specifically, our jurisdiction upon corporate tax services includes:

• Services for Greek entrepreneurs
TaxExperts supports Greek businessmen who operate abroad, offering a wide range of tax, accounting and financial services aimed at smoother transaction to the destination country via:

A. Analysis of Business Activity, stating:

  • the exact object
  • the course of the goods or the supply of services
  • the place from which to scrutinize the company
  • the type of clients

Our experience is based upon the following, but not limited, sectors: wholesale and retail trade, e-business, real estate, energy, insurance, online stores, provide services, education, shipping, chemicals, raw materials, food, beverage, healthcare, industrial products, transport, telecommunications, banks, advertising and more.

B. Analysis of Tax, Legal and Business Framework,
through separate analysis of rates, laws and provisions, as we can calculate the tax cost of the enterprise and to find legal ways to reduce it , by using the advantage of the international rules and double tax treaties between countries.
C. Choice of the Right Partner
We select and recommend accounting – tax offices, legal counsel and customs brokers.

D. Installation of Options Strategies
TaxExperts throughout all the above process, remains an external partner and does not deal with the nature of business decisions unless it is asked to do so.

Finally, we decide together for:

  • The selection of foreign shareholders in a legal entity
  • The possibility, and the obligation in some countries, use of domestic managers
  • The opening of bank accounts in domestic banks, and
  • The amount of share capital.
  • Services for foreign entrepreneurs

Generally, Greek entities come across numerous tax, accounting and legal changes, mainly because of the frequent amendments in the legislation. All entities in Greece are obliged to maintain their accounting books and records in accordance with the detailed, formalistic and often ambiguous provisions of the “Books and Records Code”.

The consequences of an entity’s failure to comply with certain principal regulations specified by the “Books and Records Code” and/or the Income, VAT and other tax legislation can be extremely serious.

Our experience has shown that the tax authorities usually have taken advantage of the considerable interpretative latitude which the “Books and Records Code” and other tax legislation offer them, in order to levy additional taxes and fines on all entities, (which in some cases were considerably high).

Thus, our services at this category include.
a. Tax advice and planning on:

  • Corporate taxes
  • Indirect taxes (VAT, customs and excise duties)
  • Taxes on immovable property (transfer tax, real estate tax)
  • Withholding taxes, stamp tax, capital tax
  • Transfer pricing issues (intercompany charges – arm’s length transactions)
  • Investment Law incentives
  • Double tax treaties

b.  Tax diagnostic reviews.
c.  Advice on intercompany charges (management charges, royalties etc.).
d.  Advice on transformation of companies’ mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs etc.
e.  Tax planning strategies.
f.  Advice on corporate, social security and employment matters.
g.  Preparation or review of direct and indirect tax returns.
h.  Preparation of individual income tax returns for expatriates on assignment to Greece and advice on related issues.
i.  Advice on contractual transactions.
j.  Support during tax audits.
k.  Establishment and authentication of books and records
l.  Advice on analytical accounting and costing.
m.  Advice on complicated accounting issues.


Especially for accountants and consultants we provide the ability to cooperate in establishing companies on behalf of your clients.


Where appropriate we can approach the client and to give you a commission on the cost of setting up and pay the first year. The fee goes scaled according to the total number of customers.
Overall, we are very cautious in tax scheme proposed on the basis of a zero tax risk. Acrobatics with triangular transactions and other tax alchemy that is formally and essentially ‘illegal’ is out of our interest, as TaxExperts is subject to the provisions of N. 2331/1995 “Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering and other provisions” (Official Gazette 173A/1995), as amended (n.3691/2008) and is in force, and has the obligations provided in that law.


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